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The Bible calls church leaders to equip and empower their members for service so the Body of Christ can be built up. A task that can be both significant and stressful. Ministries desire volunteers and volunteers wanting to serve in ministry, yet finding the right match isn't always that easy. Not to mention, the need to start more ministries to meet the growing demands of our churches.

We have great news…The Serving Central™ online platform is here to equip you with the tools needed to match your members and ministries together.

There are four main features to Serving Central™:

  1. Promote Your Ministries – Serving Central™ allows you and other approved leaders to profile and promote your ministries to your members online. Once this is done, your members can use the Ministry Explorer feature to search, sign-up and start serving in your church.

  2. Profile Your Members – Serving Central™ allows your members to discover their God-given strengths & passions for ministry by using the online Serving Sweet Spot™ assessment. After they have completed their assessment, you will be able see each persons strengths. In addition, you will be able to use the Strengths Finder tool to sort through the various strengths within your church family.

  3. Place Your Members – Serving Central™ allows your members to see what ministries within your church best match their strengths & passions so they can sign-up for the most fulfilling ministry. Once a member signs up, the ministry leader is notified via email that they have someone interested. In addition, the ministry leader can view the members Serving Sweet Spot™ profile prior to contacting them so they can determine where the member might best fit within the ministry.

  4. Plot Your Progress – Serving Central™ provides you with an array of online reports so you can see:
    • How many ministries are using Serving Central™.
    • How many members are interested in serving in ministry. This is a great way to ensure your staff and ministry leaders are following up with members.
    • How many members have been “placed” into ministry. This feature is a great accountability tool for you as you monitor your members and ministry leaders. This report will show you how many days a member has shown “interest” in a ministry but has not been followed up on.
    • How many members have completed their Serving Sweet Spot™ assessment. In addition, you can use the "Strength Finder" to search for various gifts, passions, abilites, etc. within your church.
    • How many members have signed-up for one-on-one coaching sessions.
    • How many members desire to start a new ministry within your church.

As you can see, Serving Central™ truly does bring your members and ministries together. To learn more about Serving Central™ start the tour, or sign up now.

We pray Serving Central™ will not only empower your members into ministry, but empowers you to maximize your God-given strengths as well.

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