What is Serving Central?

Serving Central is a fully customizable discovery and developmental system dedicated to equipping pastors to empower their staff, members, and leaders to embrace their God-given strengths and express them in ministry and in life.

What does Serving Central do?

Serving Central simply brings church members and church ministries together virtually by aligning and connecting the strengths of a member with the right ministry.

Why was Serving Central created?

Serving Central was created to out of a desire to see the purpose of “ministry”, as outlined by Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven® Life and The Purpose Driven® Life Church, come to life for God’s glory.  Many church leaders desire to see every member in their church serving in ministry but don’t have the tools…Serving Central is that tool.

How much does Serving Central cost?

Instead of looking at Serving Central as a cost, you should view it as an investment into your church family. Your investment can be as little as $2.50 a day.

Who developed Serving Central?

Serving Central was created by Erik Rees and a dedicated team of experts whom all share the same passion – to strengthen the Body of Christ by empowering people to embrace and express their God-given strengths in ministry.

How does Serving Central equip church leaders?

Serving Central has many great benefits to equip pastors and church leaders to empower their members into ministry. As a church leader, Serving Central will empower you to:

  • Promote your ministries to all of your members online.
  • Profile your members God-given strengths.
  • Place the right member in the right ministry.
  • Prepare and teach the Biblical basis for ministry to your members so they can learn who God has made them to be and where they best fit in your church.
  • Provide one-on-one coaching to your members so they can find their fit in ministry.
  • Plot your progress through an array of online reports.

How does Serving Central empower church members?

Serving Central has many great benefits for a church member so that they can embrace and express their God-given strengths in ministry. As a church member, Serving Central will empower you to:

  • Survey your God-given strengths online
  • See, save, and send your Serving Sweet Spot profile.
  • Search for ministries that best align with your strengths.
  • Sign-up for the ministry that fits you best.
  • Schedule a one-on-one coaching session with a church leader for assistance.
  • Start a new ministry if you sense God’s leading.

How do I launch & lead Serving Central in my church?

Once you establish your account, you will receive your Serving Central Starter Kit. Your kit will guide you through the needed steps to ensure your success. The 7 basic steps to launch Serving Central within your church are:

1. Clarify your ministries within Serving Central

2. Conduct an Only You Can Be You workshop so your members can learn who they are and where they fit within the Body of Christ. Your starter kit will include a teacher’s guide and reproducible workbooks for your participants.

3. Communicate Serving Central to your members at your workshop so that they know to go online and complete the online assessment and sign-up for a ministry.

4. Coach your members through the ministry placement process. Your starter kit includes materials to develop a group of Serving Coaches to help guide your members into the right ministry.

5. Commit to following up in a timely manner with members that are interested in expressing their strengths in ministry.

6. Cultivate new ministries when needed. Your starter kit includes the Ministry Action Planner so you can successfully launch new ministries within your church.

7. Celebrate your volunteers so they feel valued by you and your staff.

Is Serving Central affiliated with any church?

No. Serving Central is not affiliated with any church or denomination. It simply exists to strengthen the Body of Christ through local churches. However, Serving Central will reach its maximum effectiveness when a church embraces the biblical truth that “every member is a minister”.

What assessment tool does Serving Central use?

Serving Central uses the time tested online Serving Sweet Spot assessment to help people discover their God-given strengths. The assessment is geared at helping a person answer four key questions for their life:

  • What are my serving strengths?
  • Who do I love serving?
  • What needs to I love meeting?
  • What serving setting is best for me?

Does my church have to use S.H.A.P.E. to use Serving Central?

It is totally up to you.  If you already use S.H.A.P.E. as a tool in your church to help your members discover their God-given strengths, Serving Central will simply strengthen what you already offer. If you don’t currently utilize S.H.A.P.E. it’s ok because Serving Central allows you and your members to view their strengths in two profiles: The Serving Sweet Spot Profile and the S.H.A.P.E. Profile.   So, regardless of whether your church currently uses S.H.A.P.E., Serving Central will still be a great option for you!

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