Serving Central is the only fully customizable discovery and developmental system dedicated to equipping churches to empower their staff, members, and leaders to embrace their God-given strengths and express them in ministry and in life.



Before you get started, I want to let you know why Serving Central™ was created. The goal of SC is two-fold:

1) Empower people to embrace who God has made them to be (their God-given strengths) so they can know where to best serve God in ministry.

2) Equip pastors and church leaders with a proven online management system so they too can empower their to discover who they are and where they fit in the Body of Christ.
If you desire to help people in your church discover who they are and where to best serve in ministry then I have great news for you…Serving Central™ will help you achieve your goals so your members can stop searching and start serving with fulfillment and fruitfulness.


Ministry Manager

Equips you to manage your own ministries and supervise other ministry leaders within your church to ensure they are following up and placing members into ministry.

Ministry Profiler

Allows you and others ministry leaders to profile each ministry within your church so your members can discover the ministries that best match their strengths/passions and their current availability to serve.

Ministry Connector

Empowers church leaders and ministry leaders to follow-up with potential new volunteers and connect them into ministry.

Strengths Finder

Search for specific strengths (spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, etc.) within your church family so you can empower your members into ministry.

Ministry Reporter

Generate reports for your ministries and your members.

Ministry Assessment

Empowers members to assess their God-given strengths and passion online so they can discover great ways to express them in ministry.

Ministry Matcher

Equips members to assess their God-given strengths and discover what ministries within your church best express them.

Ministry Explorer

Encourages members to search for ministries within your church and sign-up online.

Ministry Coaching

Allows members to sign-up for one-on-one coaching sessions with someone in your church so they can discover the best place to use their God-given strengths in ministry.

Ministry Starter

Offers a way for church members to indicate they would like to start a new ministry within their church.

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